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Bio/Contact and Partial Client List

Bill Carman was born on the floor of a house in Seoul Korea by a 90lb Korean mother with only a midwife as witness. Bill was 11lbs. 14oz. The world still wonders how that tiny woman ejected such a large mass of boy with no trouble at all. The result of this physical improbability is a perfectly round head as witnessed by a convenience store clerk in Boise, Idaho. His exact words were, “Dude, your head is perfectly round.” Pause, Bill’s reply: “Uh, thank you?” One would think that in such a perfectly round dome ideas and images might be orbiting neatly, ripe for the plucking. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Bill’s head were opened it would be quite messy. A lot goes in there and if he did not release the pressure, an eye might pop out. Though Bill’s work can be meticulous in its execution his mind scribbles, jumps, spins, and spits. There is rarely more than an itch at the beginning. Surface will speak and stuff emerges as unknown yet familiar characters, odd forms, and unbalancing juxtapositions. Some pieces divulge narratives as he paints. Some stare back and challenge. Hopefully those who look at Bill’s work will be touched in that mad place that lies in the corner of all brains.


Bill Carman has worked as a designer, illustrator, and art director at universities, ad agencies, publishers, and large corporations. Since graduating with a BFA in visual communication/illustration and an MFA in painting he has always free-lanced and exhibited with ongoing national gallery representation in New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. Currently a professor teaching illustration and drawing, Bill has greased enough palms to be included in annuals like the Society of Illustrators NY, receiving both gold and silver medals, Spectrum Fantastic Art, with gold and silver awards, 3x3, and American Illustration. He maintains a decent client list including: Random House Inc. (children’s book), LucasArts Entertainment, Macmillan, Group One, Quality Inn Hotels, Avid Publications, Atari, SSI, TSR Inc., SETI Institute, Brigham Young University, Cardinal Stritch University, Boise State University, Boise Weekly, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Timpanogos Singer Songwriter Alliance, Utne Reader, Idaho Fish and Game, NPR, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Boise Contemporary Theater, Opera Idaho, and Plan Sponsor Magazine. Bill never stops painting and drawing for exhibitions and occasionally still produces an illustration that lands a little off center. His new book, “Imagery From the Bird’s Home: The Art of Bill Carman” is currently available from Flesk Publications.


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